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"After my mastectomy and reconstruction, I knew I wouldn't be happy with a grafted or tattooed nipple.  I wanted to be able to look at my new breast and say, "Oh, how lovely!"  One day, surfing the web, I came across Dragonfly Ink.  When I saw Sasha's beautiful botanical tattoos, I knew immediately that's what I wanted.  Sasha worked with me to create an original design, customized to incorporate my scar.  I was so excited when tattoo-day finally arrived!  The result was exactly what I was looking for -- more like a piece of fine art than a traditional tattoo.  I left Sasha's studio feeling that I had finally taken the first step in reclaiming my body.  It was very empowering to be able to produce a thing of beauty from a year's difficult ordeal."
 -Cindy breast cancer survivor

Jane shows off her tattoo
A Lizard tattoo uses the scar as a spine

Tattooing is a generations old art form used for a variety of reasons.   For example,  people are tattooed as a right of passage, to indicate tribal affiliation and history,  as a badge of courage, to indicate achievement, or as adornment and decoration of their bodies.  Often tattoos are a combination of these reasons.


Tattoo art can be a powerful symbol of triumph and survival when done on or around scars.  This a particularly evident in tattoos on or around mastectomy scars.   A woman who has not had reconstructive after mastectomy, may choose to have tattoo art designed for the scar.  Or for those who have had reconstructive surgery, areola repigmentation may be desired, this is the tattooing of a natural looking areola/nipple area. 


For many women, the experience of transforming her scar into beautiful art is an empowering and affirming experience.  Some choose to cover the scar completely, while others integrate the scar into a design. 

Sasha’s process is in depth and personal staring with a detailed consultation on all aspects of the project.  Design elements from style, color, size and location along with personal symbols are discussed.  Sasha then takes all the information to design art unique to each client.


One client, Jane, had a mastectomy years ago and decided to get a stylized lizard integrating the scar as the spine of the lizard.  She has this to say about the experience and Sasha: “The entire process was wonderful.  Lizards have always had a special meaning for me and I wanted to use that symbol, with all its rich, very personal and empowering energy."


Please call to set up a consultation to see if tattoo art is right for you.

FAQs About Tattooing over Scars

What can tattooing over scars do?

  • Disguise scar with color, shape, design, and placement 
  • Create beautiful work of art from a painful experience
  • Celebrate survival and health and Life 
  • Reclaim body after illness or injury
  • Add feminity after mastectomy surgery

 What are the limits of tattooing over scar?

  • It cannot change the texture of scar
  • The tattoo will not erase the scar
  • The skin may hold the ink differently: lines may be less defined, and color may need a second session.
  • Still, there is so much that can be done within these limits

  How does it work?

  • By using color, layout, and other design principles to create art that will disguise the scar.   The elements of the tattoo design draw the eye from the scar, making any differences is texture less obvious.

 Are there risks?

  • Sometimes irk reeds to be re-applied or lines may not keep shape as well as other skin. Both are easily remedied by design and placement. 
  • Very rarely, a keliod  maybe irritated, but all caution is used in every tattoo.

 What designs are best and those that don't work well?

  • Experience suggests designs of organic origin work best for covering scars with tattoos.  Images with depth and variety of color give the eye lots to keep it busy.  Still, even simple line drawings can do the trick.  
  • Generally, lettering, tribal, and celtic are less successful for complete covering as there is negative space where the scar is visable. (Negative space is the empty parts where skin is visible)
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